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Wednesday the 31st of October is your last chance to get your hands on a BERLIN slim Tech Wallet with Chipolo Tracker for 20% off the regular price. You’ll save almost 15€, just for being early.

In case you missed it, the Tech Wallet is a wallet specifically designed to hold a Chipolo tracker. The Chipolo tracker is a tiny Bluetooth connected device that you put in your wallet. If you’re having trouble finding your wallet, you simply call it from your smartphone. It’s really easy and super convenient. You’ll never have to spend time looking for your stuff again.

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New to BERLIN slim?

BERLIN slim makes one of a kind fashion accessories from uncommon materials with daring and unique designs, that help our customers show off their individuality. We’re passionate about designing and developing great products that our customers love. All of our products are manufactured locally and by hand where possible.


• 0.4 cm thin
• 18 grams

The tech wallet is one of the smallest and lightest wallets in the world. It’s compact form factor is comfortable in your back or front pocket. It’s so light, you’ll barely notice it’s there.


• machine wash to 60°C
• tough & rip resistant

We don’t use ordinary paper to make our wallets. We use super tough washable paper. It can easily be machine washed up to 60° Celsius. It’s almost as tough and durable as leather.


• designed in Berlin
• hand sewn in Munich

When you buy a BERLIN slim wallet, you can be confident that you’re getting a great quality product that is designed and made in Germany. Even the paper we use is manufactured here!

Who is?

Chipolo is a revolutionary start-up who’s mission it is to make sure you never lose anything ever again! It’s really simple. Attach a Chipolo to anything you want to keep track of. Connect it to the Chipolo App on your smartphone. Then sit back and relax. If you ever lose your wallet, for example, you can ring your Chipolo from your smartphone. If you left your wallet somewhere else, the Chipolo App will tell you the last place you had it, so you can double back and find it. Pretty amazing, right?


Chipolo in your BERLIN slim Tech Wallet. Connect it to the free Chipolo App.


Chipolo from the app or double press it to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent.


your missing wallet. The app remembers when and where you last had it.

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