Have you ever lost your wallet?

Have you ever lost your wallet? Do you have trouble finding it sometimes? If you do, then I’ve got the product for you!

This is the Tech Wallet with integrated Chipolo Tracker.

The Chipolo card is a tiny bluetooth connected device that you can put in your wallet. You can find it by calling it from your smartphone. It’s really easy and super convenient. You’ll never have to spend time looking for your stuff again. It’s no surprise they’re getting a lot of media attention right now!

To make it super easy to use a Chipolo with your BERLIN slim wallet, I’ve created a new model called the Tech Wallet. It’s got an outer pocket specifically designed to fit the Chipolo card. The Chipolo card is only 2.15mm thick, which means your slim wallet will stay slim, while providing you some extra security. This way you can confidently carry your BERLIN slim wallet without ever having to worry if you’ll lose it again!

Pre-Order 20% Discount

  • For orders before November 1st
  • Save 14,00 €
  • Only 200 Pre-orders available
  • Be quick!
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Buy with Confidence

  • Pay with PayPal
  • 30 day no-questions refund
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Deliveries start early November

Who is?

Chipolo is a revolutionary start-up who’s mission it is to make sure you never lose anything ever again! It’s really simple. Attach a Chipolo to anything you want to keep track of. Connect it to the Chipolo App on your smartphone. Then sit back and relax. If you ever lose your wallet, for example, you can ring your Chipolo from your smartphone. If you left your wallet somewhere else, the Chipolo App will tell you the last place you had it, so you can double back and find it. Pretty amazing, right?

Don’t miss out!

There’s a catch of course. There are only 200 of these sets available for pre-order.

Get yours before they run out!

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Maybe the Tech Wallet isn’t for you? That’s cool, check out our classics wallets. They’re really popular and have been tried and tested thousands of times since early 2017! Check them out!

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The BERLIN slim card wallets are made for minimalists. They really are tiny and weigh almost nothing. You’ll barely notice it’s there.

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