An incredibly tough paper wallet

You might be concerned that our paper wallet might rip or simply wear out over time. Well don’t be. Our slim wallets are super tough! As we’ve mentioned earlier, our wallets are made out of a special type of paper that is far more robust than normal paper or cardboard.

In this post, I’ll do my best to explain what is so special about the paper we use and give you a quick demo of the paper in action.

Long cellulose fibers, for greater strength

When normal paper is produced, wood is broken down mechanically, to produce wood pulp, which is pressed and dried to create paper. During this process, naturally occurring long cellulose fibers are broken into shorter fibers.  All these short fibers make normal paper easy to rip. Just think of newspaper.

The paper we use undergoes a different process. In this process, the cellulose fibers are not broken. These long cellulose fibers result in a paper with a much longer lifespan and that is much more difficult to tear.

Latex to hold it all together

Traditional paper does not contain any glue to hold it together. The wood pulp is simply pressed and dried. This makes it easy to tear and offers no water resistance. That’s fine if you just want something to write on.

The reason our paper wallets are so tough, is because the paper we use is impregnated with latex. The latex provides two benefits: first, it acts as a glue which holds the cellulose fibers together and second, it repels water. It’s a great combination of properties and you’ll see what I mean when you finally get one in your hands.

A demonstration

Here’s a quick demo of our paper in action.

Our guarantee

We’re so confident that our paper wallets will not rip, that I’m offering a one year, no questions asked full replacement guarantee. If you send me your old wallet and proof of purchase, I’ll send you a new one.