Passionate about design

Hi! I’m James. I make one of a kind fashion accessories with daring and unique designs from uncommon materials, that allow my customers show off their individuality. I design and develop products for passion, not for profit. All of my products are manufactured locally and by hand where possible.

What do I do?

BERLIN slim combines old fashion handwork with high tech production techniques. My blank wallets are prepared using laser cutting. While final assembly, sewing and screen-printing is done by hand. Each wallet goes through quality control before I apply the BERLIN slim stamp. My products and production techniques reflect the creative and free-spirited nature of Berlin.

Would I want my products?

When I discovered washable paper, it seemed like a material with a lot of potential. I made a wallet for myself, but was surprised when friends started asking for wallets of their own. I made many prototypes until I reached the design we have today.

It was clear to me from then on, that people want the same thing I do. Good quality, well designed products that make your life a little bit easier. So now, the only products I sell are products I would want to own myself.

If you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it right

— JAMES, Founder of BERLIN slim

The most important people in the business

I get it. My customers, you, are the most important part of our business! Without you there would be no BERLIN slim. So, I’m asking you, from the bottom of my heart, please share your feedback, thoughts and ideas with me. I might not be able to accommodate every request, but I’ll definitely take you seriously.

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